Classic gym.  Modern approach.

Note the new morning class titled H.E.A.T.  Also, members can bring guests for FREE to any classes this week.

FW24 class schedule Mon March 2nd thru Sun March 8th.....
Mon March 2nd:
   - H.E.A.T. at 8:00am
   - X-cise at 6:30pm
Tue March 3rd: ...
   - Basic Yoga at 5:30pm
   - X-cise at 6:30pm
Wed March 4th:
   - H.E.A.T. at 8:00am
   - Zumba at 5:30pm
   - Yoga Body Bootcamp at 6:30pm
Thur March 5th:
   - X-cise at 5:00pm
   - INSANITY® at 6:30pm
Fri March 6th - no classes
Sat March 7th:
   - X-cise at 8am
   - Yoga Body Bootcamp at 9am
   - INSANITY® at 10am
   - Zumba at 11am
Sun March 8th:
   - X-cise at 4pm.

All classes (with modifications) are appropriate for any fitness level:
-- "Basic Yoga" is basic yoga.
-- H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training)
-- "Insanity" is high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
-- "X-cise" is specific muscles strength training with some cardio. -- "Yoga Body Bootcamp" is total body strength training, with a little cardio, at stations, with yoga components at the beginning and end.
-- "Zumba" is a dance aerobic fitness program.

This week FW24 has 14 total class times, 6 different classes (Basic Yoga, H.E.A.T., INSANITY®, X-CISE, Yoga Body Bootcamp, and ZUMBA).  Free for gym members.  Small fee for non-members if not accompanied by member ($10 for 1 class, $80 for a 10-class punch card). 

Fitness World 24 in Urbandale
8104 Douglas Avenue

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