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FW24 class schedule Mon May 18th thru Mon May 25th.....
    - X-cise at 6:30pm
    - X-cise at 5pm
    - X-cise at 6:30pm
    - Zumba at 5:30pm
    - Yoga Body Bootcamp at 6:30pm
    - X-cise at 5pm
    - INSANITY® at 6:30pm
Friday - no classes
    - X-cise at 8am
    - Yoga Body Bootcamp at 9am
    - Zumba at 10am
    - TBD whether or not we have 4pm X-cise

Monday May 25th - MEMORIAL DAY:
    - TBD whether or not we have 6:30pm X-cise

Contact the gym regarding the schedule for H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training).

All classes (with modifications) are appropriate for any fitness level:
- "Insanity" is high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
- "X-cise" is specific muscles strength training with some cardio.
- "Yoga Body Bootcamp" is total body strength training, with a little cardio, at stations, with yoga components at the beginning and end.
- "Zumba" is a dance aerobic fitness program.

This week FW24 has 11+ total class times, 5 different classes (H.E.A.T., INSANITY®, X-CISE, Yoga Body Bootcamp, and ZUMBA).  Free for gym members.  Small fee for non-members (first class free, $10 for 1 class, $80 for a 10-class punch card). 

Fitness World 24 in Urbandale
8104 Douglas Avenue

email Fitness World 24 for more information

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